eng. roberto preto - process engineering



Electric and electronic engineer with long experience and specialization in biogas, biomass and renewable energies. Several pants designed and built in Italy and abroad for biomass combustion ans biogas production for bioelectricity, as well as waste treatment plants and other facilities as pasteurization in the food industry.

The plant in the picture in the city of Vicenza - Italy, for treatment of slaughterhouse residues along with other vegetal residues. other plant have been designed and built for treatment of MSW - Municipal Solid Waste.

Biogas plant in Vicenza - Italy


After a long experience in the biogas field in Europe in the nineties, has migrated to brazilian starting market, conducting research, studies and projects in collaboration with UFRJ/COPPE, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and finally foundin OWG, an enginerring company with the precise scope of transferring to Brazil the best technologies developed along the years in the biodigestion fields, especialloy in Europe. Starting from 2012 has defined in the business scenary set up by ANEEL resolution 482/12 as the main possibility of development of a biogás market in Brazil, in terms of business model. In 2019 an agreement is signed with 'dry' biodigestion specialists of Müller Umwelttechnik, an austrian engineering, to tropicalize and spread the exclusive 3A-Biogas technology (batch biodigstion without use of any extra water).




More than 40 years working in the field of industrial piping projects (Chemicals, Pertochemcals, Nuclear, Environment and water and effluents treatment). Skilled CAD user, in charge of layouts, fluxograms and piping, along with electromechanical designing.









Chemical engineer, enrolled in CREA and CRQ associations, with a life long experience in designing, building and operating chemical plants (Haztec,Souzer, Sandoz, Tecnip) fertilizers plants (Ultrafertil), water and sewage treatment plants (Geoplan) and waste to energy incineration plants.


Usina de incineração de RSU- Resíduos Sólidos Urbanos em Minas Gerais

Specializede in CAD and piping design