Changing the future: from Waste to Bioenergy

Spare wood, wood chips and shavings, sawdust, coconuts, barks of pine and eucaliptus, giving electric energy. Spare wood is burnt in high efficiency boilers producing steam which spins a turbine for electricity generation, with low ashes production and air         emissions of polluting gases and particles.

What do we do?


We offer the integrated solution for all Bsiness Model steps, turn key: Feasibility Study, Executive Project, A.R.T. annotation, Project Financing, Licensing, Construction, Operation and Administration of the consumers Consortium.

Organic waste, food residues, byproduct, no more a cost for the producer and pollution of the environment. Then organic waste is treated by anaerobic biodigestion with dry garage technology and exclusive 3A Biogas process, with production of biogas, electric energy and organic fertilezer.

construction, operation and maintaining

full plants for waste treatment      and energy generation